Alabama Crimson Tide is a football team from Tuscaloosa, which represents the University of Alabama. The club plays in the National Collegiate Athletic Association as the part of the Football Bowl Subdivision. In the list of various team players’ prestige awards, there are three Heisman Trophies.

Who owns Alabama Crimson Tide? The organization is owned by the University of Alabama. It’s not a public entity like other teams.

History Logo

Alabama Crimson Tide Logo history

This team is one of the oldest and described in US Football history. It was founded in 1892, when the coaches from Alabama decided to teach the students of the university how to play football. The name for the newly formed club was chosen after the phrase ‘Crimson Tide’ was firstly used in 1907 describing the Iron Bowl championship in Birmingham.

1952 – 1974

Alabama Crimson Tide Logo 1952

The first version of the franchise logotype appeared when the team extended across America, so there was a need for branding. The logo described the brown-skinned elephant, holding ice cream in its trunk. Along with the curious eyes, elephant had the beige mantle with the team monogram on it.
Why did designers picture the elephant on the team logo? Well, this refers back to the 1930s, when the Alabama linemen were firstly called Red Elephants by the Crimson Tide team members and some writers. The Red Elephants nickname referred to the color of the uniform, which was in use by the team that time.

1974 – 2001

Alabama Crimson Tide Logo 1974

The next logotype featured the club’s strong-stylized character ‘A’ with the angular typeface. Below it, there is the franchise name, written on the paper line. What’s for the elephant, so it tried to step over the letter. And maybe our gray-colored elephant could manage to do it, but its head and a leg were stuck inside the letter.

2001 – 2004

Alabama Crimson Tide Logo 2001

The 2001 team insignia represented the inscription ‘Alabama Crimson Tide’ in two fonts: one used for the state name had the strong red-colored style, volumetric letters and the white contour, and another with a bit flat sans-serif characters. Above it all, there was drawn the head of an evil elephant. It had the gray color and the red contour.

2004 – today

Alabama Crimson Tide Logo

The following logotype surprisingly does not have any elephants or provocative letter styles for the inscription. This time, there is just the handwritten ‘A’ inside the circular red strip with the full name of the team in a bit toneless font similar to the ones used in the previous logotypes. The whole circle is contoured in bold black line.

Helmet History

Alabama Crimson Tide Helmet

Originally, the team helmet was made of the wood and had the iron binding. Later on, the material was turned to the iron only and then to the white plastic. A bit sooner, the red strips were added to the helmet. With the time, designers were renovating the helmet design, and the latest versions have the red style with white lines and the player number.

Uniform History

Alabama Crimson Tide Uniform

The team’s original dress-code had the white-and-red jersey and the beige pants made of leather. This style remained with some changes which came throughout the team history. The pattern was changing as well: the oldest uniforms had multiple red strips print over the beige or white color. The recent uniforms are the full-red jerseys and the white pants.

Alabama Crimson Tide Colors

RGB: (158, 27, 50)
CMYK: (25, 100, 79, 20);


RGB: (130, 138, 143)
CMYK: (52, 40, 37, 3)


RGB: (255,255,255)
CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 0)