Atlanta Falcons is an American football team from Georgia. They’ve been introduced in one of the National Football League expansions in the 60s. Since then, they’ve shown average success, and nowadays the team is considered one of the moderately powerful competitors in the NFL.

Who owns Atlanta Falcons? The team is owned by one Arthur Blank. Interestingly, he’s also one of the founders of Home Depot.

History Logo

Atlanta Falcons Logo history

The team was created in 1965 in Atlanta, Georgia. The sole origin of the name is that falcon is a ‘noble, strong’ bird – there are no connotations or connections to the state of the city. That being said, they do seem to be using red from the state’s official flag for some purposes.

1966 – 1989

Atlanta Falcons Logo 1966

The original logo was a rather geometric, proportional silhouette of a falcon. It was mostly black but used some blue for the feather lines, eyes and so forth. Essentially, it was a bit folded wing with a prominent tail, small head and a claw sticking out from underneath the extremity.

1989 – 2002

Atlanta Falcons Logo 1989

All they’ve done for this revision is put a lot of white outlining onto the previous design. The result was a thick white frame with a slim black edge all the way around the bird.

2002 – today

Atlanta Falcons Logo

In 2002, they slightly repositioned their falcon and edited some of its features. They didn’t omit any elements, but made them into mostly triangular shapes, while also streamlining then and giving them a much more intimidating look. Chiefly, they slightly turned it, added some red inside most parts and rearranged the outline.

Helmet History

Atlanta Falcons Helmet

Some number of first helmet iterations was red, featuring white-with-black stripes running through their middle. They’ve been using them for some time, until the main preference shifted to completely black designs (except, of course, for the emblems). Occasionally, there were also some white helmets with tricolor stripes.

Uniform History

Atlanta Falcons Uniform

Their absolute favorites were completely black and completely white uniforms. If they weren’t using one, it was always one of the alternatives. The other popular solution also included red jerseys with various pants (mostly white), as well as black jerseys with white pants (much less often).

Atlanta Falcons Colors

HEX COLOR: #A71930;
RGB: (167, 25, 48)
CMYK: (20, 100, 80, 0)


HEX COLOR CODE: #000000;
RGB: (0, 0, 0)
CMYK: (70, 50, 50, 100)


RGB: (165, 172, 175)
CMYK: (5, 0, 0, 25)