Big Bash League is the largest Australian league of Twenty20 cricket, a shortened version of original cricket with simplified rules. The league’s matches are being played during the summer and winter. Teams of the league compete to gain the winner’s title and the Big Bash Trophy, the most prestigious award in Australian Twenty20 cricket.

Who owns Big Bash League? The League is ruled by Cricket Australia. It’s technically a private company heavily funded by the government.

History Logo

Big Bash League Logo history

The league was formed in 2011 by Cricket Australia, the major organization of cricket sport of the country, with the sponsorship of KFC. Properly, BBL is the heir of the previous league of cricket called KFC Twenty20 Big Bash, and its name came from its predecessor.

2011 – 2015

Big Bash League Logo 2011

The very first logotype used by the Big Bash as the main had the strong-stylized inscription ‘T20 Big Bash League’, where the part ‘T20’ was placed above ‘Big Bash League’ and had the dominant position in the whole picture. This inscription had a black outline, expressing the strong style of the logo and inscription specifically.
The other parts of the logo were the black shield split into two parts, both of which had the shining yellow outline, and the KFC abbreviation put above the main image on the red background. That logo didn’t have the volumetric forms or the gradient colors as in the further versions – there were only simple elements, which were quite stylish, though.

2015 – 2018

Big Bash League Logo 2015

The following version of the logotype, as we have mentioned, had the gradient-black color used for the split shield and the volumetric style meant to depict the KFC inscription’s background and the league’s name that was now the gray-colored abbreviation ‘BBL’ with the black outline, smoothly going into the black shield.

2019 – today

Big Bash League Logo

The 2019 BBL logo has generally the same elements as the previous version, but there are some changes, though. On one hand, we can see the gray color in the center part of the logo, which is used to form shadows from the abbreviation. On another hand, the whole picture was lessened, perhaps to make it look better on the boards and banners.
In general, the BBL designers of brand identity have strong traditions in the logo drawing and they don’t seem to violate them.