Buffalo Bills is a prominent American football team competing in the NFL on behalf of Buffalo, which is one of the biggest cities in the New York State. They are a successor of several previous Buffalo teams that were active throughout the first half of the 20th century. The modern Bills are one of the best teams in the League.

Who owns Buffalo Bills? The team is owned by the Peluga family. They also own the business with the same name – Peluga Sports and Entertainment.

History Logo

Buffalo Bills Logo history

Buffalo Bills in their current form were born in 1960 following one of the later waves of NFL franchises. Before then, there were several teams in the same city, some also being called ‘Bills’ as a reference to the popular American showman Buffalo Bill, who displayed Wild West style performances in the later 19th century.

1960 – 1961

Buffalo Bills Logo 1960

For their first season, they used a blue football shape (with sharper tips than normally) and several images in it. The most prominent was a couple of bison (buffalos) colored in mainly black and brown joined by two players in the colors of the team (blue and white) and carrying footballs under their arms.
The last touch was the team’s name written along the top edge of the shape in capital white letters.

1961 – 1969

Buffalo Bills Logo 1961

The 1969 logo was a simpler design: a brown ball shape with white sprinkled all over it. The bison design was very similar color-wise, although there was now just one animal. Of players, there was also now just one. His uniform and design overall changed little, with the exception of the red stripes on the helmet and also a fully blue jersey.

1969 – 1973

Buffalo Bills Logo 1969

This next design was even simpler. It was just a silhouette of a bison colored completely in red. The only prominent nuance was that they actually took their time to make the shapes semi-realistic.

1973 – today

Buffalo Bills Logo

Later on, they adopted a less believable silhouette of a buffalo, colored white with a white outline along the edges (including the legs), and also with white horns. They painted this one blue and attached a red ribbon to his one visibly horn, which meant they had all the colors from the national flag.

Helmet History

Buffalo Bills Helmet

The initial helmet introduced in the 60s was mostly grey (or white) with just a small touch of red in the later variations. If was with the adoption of the bison logo that they started using all three colors (blue, white & red) in different variations with the buffalo on the side.

Uniform History

Buffalo Bills Uniform

The rest of the uniform changed little over the years: there were just three major stages. Initially, they used grey (later white) pants and blue for the rest of the uniform. Then, they reversed it and eventually ditched it for the prior designs. Additionally, they have white & red alt colors and a reverse pattern for away games.

Buffalo Bills Colors

HEX COLOR: #00338D
RGB: (0, 51, 141)
CMYK: (100, 60, 0, 20)


RGB: (198, 12, 48)
CMYK: (10, 100, 100, 0)