Having won the World Cup and received the status of the leading football team in the world by 1962, the FRG national team did not yet have a single championship in Germany. The structure of the championship was incredibly confusing. In July 1962, a vote in Dortmund determined the need for the creation of the Bundesliga.
The top league of the German soccer championship was formed on 24 August 1963. The day is generally recognized as historic for the life of football in Germany. It was on this day that the first round of the German Bundesliga was held.

Meaning and history

Bundesliga Logo history

The Bundesliga logo was designed by Thomas Müller. The Bundesliga was first given its own logo in 1996. Further, it has changed several times throughout the existence of the league, continues to change repeatedly.

1996 – 2002

Bundesliga Logo 1996

The first modification depicted a black and white soccer ball surrounded by yellow and orange spirals. The variant has been used for six years.

2002 – 2010

Bundesliga Logo 2002

During this period, the logo was transformed. It was changed into a portrait modification, depicting a football player at the top of his jump. Not far from the footballer’s foot raised high, a soccer ball could be seen. The human figure and soccer ball were white, the background was red, with a light, almost imperceptible gradient texture. Below the figure with the ball there was an inscription “Bundesliga” presented in two lines. The emblem and inscription were outlined by a thin black outline.

2010 – 2017

Bundesliga Logo 2010

In the new logo modification, the word mark was placed in one line. The size of the graphic logo has been increased. The color of the soccer ball has changed to silver, and the texture of the gradient has become brighter. A white stripe appeared above the player’s head, giving the overall image a certain charm.

2012 – 2013

Bundesliga Logo 2012

The graphic emblem was made in the form of a red square. On the left was the number 5, on the right, in a white square outline with rounded edges, a football player was depicted scoring a gray ball. To the right, the years of the league’s existence were written vertically. Below, under a square in one line, the inscription “Bundesliga” was depicted in black. The last four letters have been in bold.

2017 – today

Bundesliga Logo

Fundamental changes have been made to the logo design. The background has turned bright red, the texture has completely disappeared. The square texture made it look more stylish. The figure of the person who scores the ball stands out against the red background. White is the color chosen for both the footballer and the ball. This combination looks quite impressive. Under the square, in one line, the inscription “Bundesliga” is placed in black. The new modification lacks unnecessary lines and unnecessary, distracting details. The symbolism clearly reflects the direction.