Columbia University is one of the major American universities. Specifically, it’s located in New York City, and is thus one of the most prestigious institutions on the East Coast. It’s part of the Ivy League, and although the students there study a large variety of subjects, natural sciences have long been a favorite.

Who owns Columbia Uni? It’s a private institution. As such, it’s owned by a board of Trustees.

History Logo

The university has been created in 1754 in the then-province of New York. It was a royal university with the charter granted directly by king George II. Because of it, a lot of university’s branding revolves around crowns and other symbols of monarchy, especially the British monarchy.

1896 – today

Columbia Uni Logo

The contemporary logo has been adopted in 1896 following the final restructuring stage of the establishment. It’s a coat of arms with a big blue shield, pierced in the middle by a thick angled stripe of turquoise. In the remaining blue sections, the designers put three white crowns (two above, one below). These were based off the British Royal Crown.
Below, there was also a ribbon that somewhat matched the curvature of the shield by also creating a slight curve. Its front side was turquoise, and the rear – blue. Over the front, they’ve written their motto in black: ‘in Thy light shall we see light’ (in Latin).