Florida Gators is a sports organization representing the University of Florida, the biggest institution in this state. This program encompasses many athletic activities, which means there are many teams called ‘Florida Gators’ competing in various tournaments and activities on behalf of their university, most notably football.

Who owns Florida Gators? Florida Gators is an athletic branch of the University of Florida. As such, they are the sole owners of the organization.

History Logo

Florida Gators Logo history

Many Gator teams exist since the beginning of the 20th century, including the football and baseball ones. They all use the same name, which is a reference to how heavily infested Florida is with alligators. It’s become engrained into their culture, and provided a great symbol for strength and power.

1966 – 1979

Florida Gators Logo 1966

The team didn’t really have a unified logo until 1966, when they started using a blue letter ‘F’ outlined with a thin orange layer. These two colors have long been traditional for this university.

1979 – 1995

Florida Gators Logo 1979

In 1979, they introduced a circular emblem divided in two sections: an upper orange half and a lower blue half, with a white line in-between. The left part of the line acted as basis for two more white symbols. First was a silhouette of a gator with the widely-opened jaws. The other is the map of Florida sticking out downwards.
The other two parts included the black spaces: one vertical line above and two horizontal stripes sprouting from the right part of the lower section. They serve to transform the section above into a semblance of the ‘U’ letter. Similarly, the lower part is supposed to be ‘F’.

1995 – 2013

Florida Gators Logo 1995

For the 1995 logo, they instead drew the head of an alligator. It’s a cartoonish picture with two aggressively frowned eyes, a slightly-opened mouth and a lot of simple white triangles for the teeth. The other colors included bright green and pale red for the inside of the mouth.
The head was then put over an oval. Its core was blue, but it was also framed with a layer of orange.

2013 – today

Florida Gators Logo

In 2013, they decided to make the color palette brighter and darker, as well as add contrast so that smaller nuance could be way more visible.

Helmet History

Florida Gators Helmet

Their football team is the most popular of the bunch. So, it’s easy to guess that most people mean them when they look for the information on the ‘Gators’. As such, they mostly used blue, orange or white helmets (the former two more preferable). Respectively, there would also be orange or blue midline stripes and a current logo on the sides.

Uniform History

Florida Gators Uniform

Their uniform is more versatile and much likelier to change multiple times after this article is written. However, they’ve been constantly using three uniform patterns for the last several decades. The most popular is blue with white pants, although the orange jerseys are also prevalent. White jerseys with blue pants are also an option.

Florida Gators Colors

HEX COLOR: #0021A5;
RGB: (0, 33, 165)
CMYK: (100, 60, 0, 20)


RGB: (250, 70, 22)
CMYK: (0, 70, 100, 0)