Iowa Hawkeyes is a sports organization under the University of Iowa, in USA. Like their counterparts in other establishments, they play a large variety of sports, the most popular of which are baseball and basketball. And they have been rather successful in both of these, and others.

Who owns Iowa Hawkeyes? The team is owned and managed by the University of Iowa. It’s a private organization completely subservient to the establishment.

History Logo

Iowa Hawkeyes Logo history

The athletic branch of this university is active since at least the beginning of the previous century, although it’s unclear when they started going by ‘Hawkeyes. The name is actually derived from the moniker of the state of Iowa itself – the Hawkeye State. And the colors, in turn, come from the University’s stamp, which is gold and black.

1953 – 1962

Iowa Hawkeyes Logo 1953

Initially, they used a sort of human-like hawk clad in football gear and running with the wings outstretched. In this original cut, they put it over a yellow football with a ribbon saying ‘Hawkeyes’ in the corner. At the time, the football was the most popular sport in the University, but this logo was used for the athletic branch in general.

1962 – 1971

Iowa Hawkeyes Logo 1962

In 1962, they decided to simply use the running hawk as the major emblem, except in better fidelity. In this new quality, you can clearly see the scornful look and the big black ‘I’ on its chest. The emblem was still gold and black color-wise, like the one before it.

1971 – 1979

Iowa Hawkeyes Logo 1971

In 1971, they instead started using a big yellow silhouette of a hawk, flying down with the claws and wings stretched out. Besides that, there were also some black spots all over the emblem, but not much else.

1979 – today

Iowa Hawkeyes Logo

The 1979 logo is the longest-lived. It depicts a black oval with some yellow parts inside, which collectively make up something like a hawk’s head. It’s minimalistic and conveys the meaning well.

Helmet History

Iowa Hawkeyes Helmet

The football team of Hawkeyes uses mostly black helmets with just some yellow additions. It usually means a yellow stripe going through the helmet, as well as the emblem. Some helmets are reversed – yellow with black stripes, although they aren’t as favored. And some are just completely black, which is even rarer.

Uniform History

Iowa Hawkeyes Uniform

The one thing most Hawkeye football uniforms have in common is yellow pants. From there, it can vary a lot. The most usual choices are black, yellow and white, although even they often have minor details dipped in other colors. The black, yellow-striped variant is by far the most popular through the years.

Iowa Hawkeyes Colors

RGB: (255, 205, 0)
CMYK: (0, 20, 100, 0)


HEX COLOR: #000000;
RGB: (0, 0, 0)
CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 100)