Major League Baseball is a sports organization that includes the most important clubs from the USA and Canada. The organization consists of two leagues, each divided into divisions – East, Central and West. The organization’s activities affect the lower leagues, which include several hundred clubs. The league has an original logo that is quite recognizable even for people not interested in baseball.

Meaning and history

Major League Baseball Logo history

Major League Baseball was founded in 1903, but did not have an official logo until 1969. In 1969, the centenary of professional basketball was celebrated, and the league commissioned a logo to commemorate the event. Since then, the designation has basically remained unchanged, but minor adjustments have been made to it.

1969 – 1992

Major League Baseball Logo 1969

The logo was created by Jerry Dior, using numerous photographs of various athletes. On the logo, the athlete swings the bat to hit the ball. The athlete, bat and ball are shown in white, represent a silhouette. On the left side of the logo, the background is blue, on the right – red. At the bottom there is a red Major League Baseball inscription.

1992 – 2019

Major League Baseball Logo 1992

In 1992, the shades of colors changed. The blue has become darker, and the red is closer to pink. Additional logos were also developed for each club in the league, each using club colors instead of red and blue.

2019 – 2021

Major League Baseball Logo

2019 celebrated the 150th anniversary of professional baseball. The changes were again made to the colors, this time using colors identical to the colors of the American flag. The name of the organization was removed from the logo. However, there is a variant of the logo, where the abbreviation MLB, written in blue letters, is located to the right of the main image.

Color and font

Throughout the history of the logo, its colors have remained unchanged – red and blue, but sometimes the shades have changed. The font for Major League Baseball hasn’t changed either. When the acronym MLB began to be used in 2019, the letters used the same font as in the beginning.

Major League Baseball Colors

HEX COLOR: #002D72;
RGB: (0,45,114)
CMYK: (100,65,00,30)


HEX COLOR: #D50032;
RGB: (213,0,50)
CMYK: (00,100,65,00)