Milwaukee Brewers is a baseball team from Wisconsin. Unlike many classic baseball teams, Brewers were only created in the 60s as one of the expansion attempts by MLB. In its Central division, Brewers normally occupy one of the highest places, making them one of the most successful teams of the Midwest.

Who owns Milwaukee Brewers? Mark Attanasio is the team’s chief owner. Besides him, there are also many minor partners.

History Logo

Milwaukee Brewers Logo history

The team was originally created in 1969 in Seattle, Washington. Back then, they were called ‘Pilots’, although they changed the name to the normal variant after moving to Milwaukee in 1970. This name is derived from the city’s traditional reputation as one of the beer-making hubs of the country.

1969 – 1970

Milwaukee Brewers Logo 1969

The original logo belonged to the ‘Pilots’, the immediate predecessor of the ‘Brewers’. It featured an ordinary baseball framed in a ship’s steering wheel, colored red. They also added a blue word ‘Pilots’ in its very middle, in addition to the two yellow wings on its either side.

1970 – 1977

Milwaukee Brewers Logo 1970

In the 70s, they started using their traditional yellow-and-blue color palette in the form of a yellow ring with the white space inside. In this white space, there was the team’s name written in blue along the edges and a picture of a baseball player swinging a bat, drawn mostly in blue.

1977 – 1993

Milwaukee Brewers Logo 1977

The 1978 logo depicted a blue baseball glove with yellow outlines and a white yellow-outlined ball in its middle.

1993 – 1997

Milwaukee Brewers Logo 1993

In the early 90s, they instead adopted a blue rhomb-shaped logo with big ‘M’ & ‘B’ letters in the middle. These were colored golden and had thin green outlines. In addition, the ‘M’ was much wider and squatter, while the ‘B’ remained a normal proportion. Furthermore, there were also two green bats crossed behind this lettering.

1997 – 1999

Milwaukee Brewers Logo 1997

A few years later, they decided to make the color palette overall slightly darker, and it’s particularly visible with the letters.

1999 – 2017

Milwaukee Brewers Logo 1999

This logo is more complex. The background is occupied by a baseball framed in a blue circular ring. Along its edges, they wrote ‘Milwaukee’ in bronze and added a few wheat ears of the same color along the bottom. Between the two and in front of these symbols, there was also the word ‘Brewers’ written in blue and outlined in white and brown.
The font used here is a sprawling, elegant cursive with a lot of sophisticated twists and extensions.

2017 – 2019

Milwaukee Brewers Logo 2017

The 2017 emblem is a simple capital ‘M’, written with the same style as the big writing from the previous logo. It’s followed underneath by a single wheat ear, also outlined in blue and colored bronze.

2019 – today

Milwaukee Brewers Logo

After that, they decided to return to the classics by adopting an old glove emblem, except tweaking it to look darker and putting it in the middle of a dark circle with the team name written along the edges in white.

Helmet History

Milwaukee Brewers Helmet

Most of the helmets in Brewers history were either completely blue (usually darker hues) or white with blue visors. The symbols used on these helmets were also primarily yellow or white. Yellow plays an episodic role in the design development, as some alternative designs also used yellow as dominant color.

Uniform History

Milwaukee Brewers Uniform

The team primarily uses white, grey, light blue or dark blue uniforms, and they are almost always homogenous, meaning the pants and the jerseys have the same coloring as a rule. They swap it all the time, and white and light blue variations have been by far the most popular.

Milwaukee Brewers Colors

RGB: (255, 197, 47)
CMYK: (0, 23, 90, 0)


HEX COLOR: #12284B;
RGB: (18, 40, 75)
CMYK: (100, 87, 42, 41)