Minnesota Twins is the famous baseball sports club from Minneapolis, United States. The team plays in the Major League Baseball as the part of the American League Central Division. The Twins are the winners of the top-tier awards such as The Gold Glove, The Silver Slugger and many other titles and awards that were gained to the team players.

Who owns Minnesota Twins? The team belongs to Jim Pohlad. He owns the club since 2009.

History Logo

Minnesota Twins Logo history

The team was formed in the year 1901 as the Washington Senators. It was soon renamed to Nationals, and this name was in use until 1955, when the former name came back. Later on, in 1961, the team changed its location to Minnesota and was named Twins after the two cities’ area, which consisted of Minneapolis and St. Paul.

1901 – 1904

Minnesota Twins Logo 1901

The initial logo of the franchise was the blue-colored character ‘W’, which obviously stood for ‘Washington’.

1904 – 1935

Minnesota Twins Logo 1904

In the following insignia, they decided to make the lines of the character thinner and make some more space between them.

1935 – 1937

Minnesota Twins Logo 1935

To the 1904 brand mark, the designers added the brisk red contour, so the whole logotype now looked more aggressive.

1937 – 1947

Minnesota Twins Logo 1937

The 1937 logotype shown the character ‘W’, similar to the very first version, but that time it was a bit bigger and wider.

1947 – 1952

Minnesota Twins Logo 1947

The next logotype, similarly to the 1935 version, had the red outline of the letter ‘W’, due to which the whole logotype was more aggressive and visible.

1952 – 1956

Minnesota Twins Logo 1952

The 1952 franchise watermark represented completely another style than the previous versions had. It featured the white baseball with the blue lines and the bat, crossing it from behind. Also, we can mention the white-and-blue Capitol, placed on the ball, and the cap with the red ‘W’ character.

1956 – 1960

Minnesota Twins Logo 1956

The next logo of the club consisted of the blue-red & white background circle, which had the sans serif white ‘Senators’ inscription written over it. Over all this background, we can see the marching man who wore the black coat, hat and the blue & white pants.

1961 – 1975

Minnesota Twins Logo 1961

The 1960 club logotype, which came with the relocation and the renaming of the franchise to Twins, featured the Minnesota state’s bright-blue-colored borders on the background, and the stylized image of the river, which led to a big ball. Over it all, there are drawn two baseball players in the black-red & blue uniform, who shook each other’s hands.

1975 – 1986

Minnesota Twins Logo 1975

Another brand mark depicted generally the same image, but that time it gained the darker blue color palette and the bold red-colored inscription ‘Win! Twins!’, written over the baseball.

1986 – 2010

Minnesota Twins Logo 1986

As the time passed, designers decided to make some changes in the franchise brand identity again. That time it had the image of a baseball and the team name over it. What’s notably, they decided to write the inscription in two fonts. The strong serif font with a long underline was used for the blue word ‘Minnesota’, while the red part ‘Twins’ was shown in the handwritten font.

2010 – today

Minnesota Twins Logo

The 2010 version of the brand logo depicts the dark-blue ring with the blue contours, inscriptions ‘Minnesota Baseball Club’, and the ball inside the ring. Over this background, we can see the dark-red colored team name of the same typeface as it was in the previous logotype.

Helmet History

Minnesota Twins Helmet

The initial helmet of the team had the simple black palette, which could be changed to the blue, depending on the situation. It reminded the baseball cap for a bit. As the time passed, the helmet design gained modifications, and along with another form-factor, it gained the dark blue or red color.

Uniform History

Minnesota Twins Uniform

The initial team uniform was the white jersey and pants with some blue details on both of them. In the center part of the jersey, there was drawn the team name. As the time passed, the uniform got a few changes, such as the adding gray, blue or red color to the uniform, as well as writing the player number and ‘TC’ (Twin Cities) insignia on the jersey.

Minnesota Twins Colors

RGB: (0,43,92)
HSB: (213,81,25)
CMYK: (99,85,45,50)


HEX COLOR: #D31145;
RGB: (211,17,69)
HSB: (347,93,72)
CMYK: (18,100,88,9)


RGB: (185,151,91)
HSB: (38,50,72)
CMYK: (27,38,74,3)