Minnesota Vikings are the professional football team from Minneapolis, United States. They are the part of the North division of the National Football League. The team is very successful, as it has the highest percentage of winnings in the playoffs among the NFL sports clubs that didn’t win the Super Bowl.

Who owns Minnesota Vikings? The team is ruled by an extensive board of co-owners. Zyfi Wilf is chief among them.

History Logo

Minnesota Vikings Logo history

The team was established in the year 1960 as one of the clubs to expand NFL. It was named Vikings partly to refer to the Scandinavian heritage of the Minnesota people’s culture and traditions. It’s not clearly understood how the team’s owners and members are connected to the Scandinavia, but this name was good, so it stayed with the brand.

1961 – 1965

Minnesota Vikings Logo 1961

The club’s initial logotype consisted of the viking’s head, depicted in the profile. The viking had the golden helmet, which covered his hair (which was colored golden as well). He had also the long and gray mustache, which gained the huge role in the logotype’s charm.

1965 – 2012

Minnesota Vikings Logo 1965

The team’s following insignia represents the viking’s head as well, but that time it watched in the opposite side. The familiar helmet gained the white horns and the dark violet line to separate the helmet from the viking’s golden hair. The long mustache was now also colored golden.

2012 – today

Minnesota Vikings Logo

The 2012 brand mark depicts the viking’s tilted down head with the helmet. It has another horns and the brighter violet strip.

Helmet History


Minnesota Vikings Helmet

The team helmet design didn’t have many modifications throughout its history. It always had the violet color and the horn as the side insignia. As the time passed, the designers changed the horn’s style and the defensive bar color. The recent versions of the helmet have the black & violet style, and the side-drawn white and yellow image of the horn.

Uniform History


Minnesota Vikings Uniform

The initial uniform of the team consisted of the white-colored jersey with the player number on it and the blue pants that had the white strips. As the time passed, the principal uniforms gained some changes such as, for example, making it violet-colored (or white-and-violet, it depended on the purpose), and printing on the pants the yellow strips.

Minnesota Vikings Colors

HEX COLOR: #4F2683;
RGB: (79, 38, 131)
CMYK: (82, 100, 0, 12)


RGB: (255, 198, 47)
CMYK: (0, 23, 91, 0)