New England Patriots is an American football team from Boston. They have been competing on behalf of this city in NFL since 1970. After all this time, they are ranked amongst the moderately-powerful teams. In their division of the American League, however, they are considerably better off.

Who owns New England Patriots? Robert Kraft is a sole owner of New England Patriots. He bought them back in 1994 and still manages the team.

History Logo

New England Patriots Logo history

The team was created in Boston in 1959. As such, they’ve been known as ‘Boston Patriots’ until 1970. That year, they were admitted into NFL, which prompted then to change their name to ‘New England Patriots’. Much of their branding before and after revolved around various images of militiamen from the Revolutionary War.

1959 – 1961

New England Patriots Logo 1959

The initial logo was a simple cocked head. It was rather simplistic, and much of it was colored blue, with the sole exception of a white space along the rim.

1961 – 1964

New England Patriots Logo 1961

In 1961, they instead adopted an image of a militiaman to act as their emblem. It was a poorly drawn illustration of a man clad in a blue coat, white trousers, red socks and red hat. His skin was white for the most part, and the image was rather notable for the man’s bestial expression.
He was positioned low, in the process of putting the ball (which was red & white) in place for a kick.

1965 – 1970

New England Patriots Logo 1965

For the 1965 edition, they simply tweaked the colors and redrawn some questionable parts. The coloring stayed mostly the same, apart from a newly-brown ball and the actual skin-colored skin. The expression also changed to determination rather than madness.

1970 – 1992

New England Patriots Logo 1970

The only real change they did here is paint the skin white again so that the drawing would match the American national colors.

1992 – 1999

New England Patriots Logo 1992

The 1992 saw a new design. It was now a grey, chiseled face turned aside from the onlooker. Most of the features were highlighted in blue, which then merged with the blue hat above, which, in turn, rapidly turned into a flying banner with a red tip. The only other part was the white star on the man’s forehead.

1999 – today

New England Patriots Logo

Not much changed, excepted the blue became rather darker this time.

Helmet History

New England Patriots Helmet

Their helmets were primarily white with occasional red and blue stripes along the middle, as well as the current emblem on the side. In the 90s, however, they suddenly became grey and added red onto the face protection. Since then, it was the sole design for both home and away uniforms.

Uniform History

New England Patriots Uniform

The uniforms of Patriots have steadily been using white, red and blue just like on the national flag. The oldest designs included red jerseys and white pants (later, vice versa). Some time in, they also started experimenting with dark blue. Usually, they would have dark blue jerseys with red stripes and white pants, although recently they took liking to the blue pants as well.

New England Patriots Colors

HEX COLOR: #002244
RGB: (0, 34, 68)
CMYK: (100, 65, 0, 60)


RGB: (198, 12, 48)
CMYK: (10, 100, 100, 0)


RGB: (176, 183, 188)
CMYK: (3, 0, 0, 32)