New Orleans Saints is an American football team from Louisiana. It was established in the 60s during one of the NFL expansions. Since then, they’ve become moderately successful, although the team is still considered one of the weaker competitors to play in the League.

Who owns New Orleans Saints? Gayle Benson is a current owner. She took up the mantle after the death of her husband in 2018.

History Logo

New Orleans Saints Logo history

The team first played on Jan 9, 1967, although they were established in New Orleans even earlier. January 9 is celebrated as the Day of all Saints in parts of the US, which is why they picked this name. A lot of their branding draws from the French symbolic, because Louisiana is historically and culturally tied to France.

1967 – 2000

New Orleans Saints Logo 1967

For the longest time, their primary logo was a variation of the fleur-de-lis (or the French lily), which is one of the most iconic symbols of France. This variation is slim and pointy, almost like a spearhead, which could be intentional. Color-wise, it was black with a slight white outline and an even thinner black layer.

2000 – 2002

New Orleans Saints Logo 2000

In 2000, they repainted the inner space a dark golden hue, while also slightly enlarging the outer layer of black.

2002 – 2012

New Orleans Saints Logo 2002

In 2002, they decided to make the golden parts lighter and brighter, changing little else.

2012 – 2017

New Orleans Saints Logo 2012

In 2012, they made the coloring still lighter, so it became a cream shade of gold, close to beige.

2017 – today

New Orleans Saints Logo

In 2017, the coloring became just marginally darker.

Helmet History

New Orleans Saints Helmet

Since the team’s inception, the helmets changed little. They’ve always been virtually the same shade of gold (basically, ocher) with a triple black-white-back stripe along the midline. The symbol on the side also changed little, because they kept it black-and-white. It did receive a much thicker outline later, though.

Uniform History

New Orleans Saints Uniform

The home uniforms have usually been black, while the away gear favored white. The pants changed more, although they mostly either matched the jerseys or were golden or cream. On occasions, they also favored golden jerseys, but it was relatively seldom. Black with golden details was the usual choice for home colors.

New Orleans Saints Colors

RGB: (211, 188, 141)
CMYK: (18, 23, 49, 0)


HEX COLOR: #101820;
RGB: (16, 24, 31)
CMYK: (100, 40, 0, 100)