New York Jets were the second (chronologically) American football team to play for New York, after ‘Giants’. The team was one of several NFL teams who were introduced in the early 60s (while most were already several decades old). By the popular reckoning, the ‘Jets’ have been on the decline since the start of the century.

Who owns New York Jets? The team is owned by the entrepreneurs called Woody and Christopher Johnson. They are part of the family that rules Johnson & Johnson.

History Logo

New York Jets Logo history

NY Jets were established in 1960. They were originally known as ‘Titans’, but quickly changed the name to ‘Jets’ as to not look as the rip-off of ‘Giants’. The legend says that the team was named ‘Jets’ because they originally played near LaGuardia, one of the minor airports in New York City.

1960 – 1962

New York Jets Logo 1960

In the 1960 logo, the name ‘the Titans of New York’ was written in three lines over most of the space. Above was the tiny black ‘the’, followed by the bigger, golden ‘Titans’, and then a smaller black ‘of New York’. The inscription were neighbored on the left by a running fully-geared player with his hands stretched out, colored in black-and-white.

1963 – 1964

New York Jets Logo 1963

The original ‘Jets’ logo was simply a green silhouette of an airplane. Much of it was soft, bereft of any sharp angles. Just across its main section, they’ve written ‘Jets’ in big and bold letters, colored in white.

1964 – 1966

New York Jets Logo 1964

The only part that remained into the 1964 was the team name (although turned green). The background was occupied by several things in place of the plane. The first was ‘NY’ written in capital letters, in white serif style with a green outline. Right in their feet, the designers drew a green ball with white seams.
The final touch was a green outline in the shape of a football around everything described above.

1967 – 1969

New York Jets Logo 1967

This logo was left as it was, except for being completely reversed color-wise.


New York Jets Logo 1970

In 1970, even fewer changes happened: they simply tweaked the green parts to be visibly darker.

1978 – 1997

New York Jets Logo 1978

The 1978 emblem is simply the name part taken from the previous logotypes with the addition of the ball in the centre of its bottom. This one was wider and had a smaller array of stitches, which now run through its very middle. Both parts were green, with white used for seams and outline around the letters.

1998 – 2018

New York Jets Logo 1998

The 1998 logo is mostly the same as its 60-70s predecessors, except the ball is rounder and that applies to the green background and a small white speck inside. The speck is actually rather like the one from 1978, although with an additional stripe of green in its middle. The green throughout the logo also changed to a darker shade.

2018 – today

New York Jets Logo

The 2018 one is based on the 1978 emblem, but reversed in color, put onto a green background just like its immediate predecessor and given a small ‘New York’ inscription right above the name, in the same style. Moreover, the green became brighter again.

Helmet History

New York Jets Helmet

The team has mostly been using the various combinations of green and white for their headwear. One color was used for as a dominant for the helmet, and the other – for a midline stripe and the logotypes on the sides. They have mainly been alternating them every new logotype.

Uniform History

New York Jets Uniform

Likewise, the uniforms have been haphazardly alternating the combinations of green and white. The most popular throughout the records were green/white and white/green for jerseys/pants. The full greens and whites were much rarer. Moreover, they recently introduced the alternate design that is just fully black with a single green stripe.

New York Jets Colors

HEX COLOR: #125740;
RGB: (18, 87, 64)
CMYK: (87, 41, 78, 37)


HEX COLOR: #000000;
RGB: (0, 0, 0)
CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 100)


RGB: (255, 255, 255)
CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 0)