National Rugby League (NRL) is the main rugby championship and sports organization of Australia and New Zealand. It contains many popular Australian and New Zealand rugby clubs that compete to win the Provan-Summons trophy, the league’s main award. Matches are being played every year from March to October.

Who owns NRL? The League is not really owned by anymore. However, Australian Rugby League Commission is managing it for the most part,

History Logo

NRL Logo history

For a long time, Australian sports businessmen wanted to form a nation-wide sports organization to unite the rugby clubs in the country, so, in 1998, the Australian Rugby League and Super League (the largest sports organizations of that time) decided to form the single organization called National Rugby League.

1998 – 2012

NRL Logo 1998

The initial league’s trademark depicted the black-green & yellow emblem with the NRL abbreviation, which had the dominant position in the whole emblem. The black color was used to draw the arrows and the shield with green area; the outline for the whole emblem had the yellow color; finally, the rugby ball and the abbreviation were colored white.

2012 – 2018

NRL Logo 2012

The next league’s trademark featured the dark-green colored shield with two yellow arrows and the NRL abbreviation. Due to the shadow from the yellow arrows and inscription, the whole shield looked more volumetric and serious. Also, we can mention several white stars and contour, placed inside the green shield.

2018 – today

NRL Logo

The 2018 shield has generally the same elements as the previous versions, but the stars are removed, and the whole shield gained bright-green and white colors. The shadows from abbreviation and the pointers were removed as well, due to which the style became more minimalistic and simple