The NRL is the national rugby league located in Australia. The most prestigious club rugby league championship (one of the varieties of rugby), in which 15 teams from Australia and one from New Zealand participate. The NRL was founded in 1998 following the merger of the Australian Rugby League (ARL) and the Super League Australia.

Meaning and history

NRLTelstraPremiership Logo history


NRLTelstraPremiership Logo 1998

The first league logo consisted of many elements: 2 green heraldic shields (large and small). On a small shield, two chevrons were placed, an inscription with the name of the league in a black frame and a black and white ball. The entire composition has been highlighted with a bold yellow outline. The large shield was highlighted with a thin black outline, it played the role of a frame.

1999 – 2000

NRLTelstraPremiership Logo 1999

A year later, they decided to abandon the large green shield. Without it, the logo looked brighter and more attractive. The rest of the logo elements remained unchanged.


NRLTelstraPremiership Logo 2001

With the arrival of the title sponsor Telstra, the league was given the commercial name Telstra Premiership. And they added an inscription to the logo with the new name of the league. The caption was adapted to the sponsor’s visual style.

2001 – 2006

NRLTelstraPremiership Logo 2001

A few months later, the entire logo was redesigned to match the Telstra style. Suddenly, the famous pair of chevrons disappeared from the logo. And the historical coat of arms has changed its shape to a teardrop shape.
The league name has moved down, the font has been simplified. Above was the league abbreviation with the sponsor’s emblem above the R. The ball was now positioned at the top of the shield, serving as the crown for the new version of the logo. From him, two orange lines descended in an arc.

2007 – 2012

NRLTelstraPremiership Logo 2007

The league logo returns to its original look. The shield was again triangular and the chevrons returned. However, the main color palette changes. The logo is now dominated by blue. The Telstra Premiership lettering was moved to the center, and the NLR was placed on top.


NRLTelstraPremiership Logo 2012

Minor changes were made to two elements. The background of the shield was changed to blue. The sponsor’s name was framed with a white background in the center of the logo. And the sponsor’s symbol was placed below.

2013 – 2018

NRLTelstraPremiership Logo 2013

By 2013, the league logo had undergone a significant change. This is primarily due to the rebranding of the sponsoring company itself. Retaining its original elements, the logo is presented in a completely new light.
The shield changed its shape, becoming more convex at the bottom. The background has changed to green. The chevrons were enlarged and painted yellow. Below, inside the golden-white arcs, the figures of two athletes were placed. This time, the NRL lettering stood out against the background of the sponsorship lettering and symbol.

2019 – today

NRLTelstraPremiership Logo

In 2019, the concept of the NRL logo design completely changes. The bold step to transform the logo involved a simple and modern two-tone color scheme. All elements of the logo were drawn in black outline on a white background.
The positioning of the labels has also changed. The emphasis is now on the Premiership, and the NLR Telstra is positioned slightly higher and with a reduced size.

Color and font

The original NRL logo, prior to the arrival of the title sponsor, was conservative and restrained. Many of the elements showed the features of the logos of yesteryear.
Telstra, on the other hand, has innovated in logo design. Experiments of all kinds have refreshed the brand and made it more attractive.