Oregon Ducks is an athletic branch of the University of Oregon, the biggest in the state. There are many teams competing as part of the Oregon Duck initiative, under which the university students play different sports in order to take part in tournaments against other similar teams, the football being the most popular sport.

Who owns Oregon Ducks? Oregon Ducks is an athletic branch of the University of Oregon. As such, they are only owned by this establishment.

History Logo

Oregon Ducks Logo history

The university’s athletic branch takes root in as early as 19th century, and they were originally known as ‘Webfoots’. This later evolved into ‘Ducks’ (seeing how they also have webbed feet). Eventually, the team started using Donald Duck as their mascot, after being allowed to do so by Disney.

1974 – 1993

Oregon Ducks Logo 1974

The first proper logo appeared in 1974. It depicted a very well-drawn version of Donald Duck clad in green and yellow (with a cap saying ‘Oregon’ along the edges). He was positioned going through the blank space inside the ‘O’, which was in turn turned to sideways. It was also colored in yellow and green – these being the traditional colors of the university.

1993 – 1998

Oregon Ducks Logo 1993

In 1993, they supplanted the official logo with two green letters (‘U’ & ‘O’) intertwined into one continuous image and outlined with white and yellow.

1998 – today

Oregon Ducks Logo

The 1998 design is even simpler: it’s just the letter ‘O’ with thinner top and bottom and thicker sides.

Helmet History

Oregon Ducks Helmet

Most people who look for ‘Oregon Ducks’ mean the football team. These have had three major helmet variations over the years. This includes green, yellow, black and white – in the decreasing order of popularity. Usually, they just use helmets that are fully these colors (except for emblem), but some also have midline stripes of varying combinations.

Uniform History

Oregon Ducks Uniform

The Duck uniforms are likewise versatile. The most common colors are yellow, green and white. Of them, the most popular combination has always been green jerseys with white pants and orange socks (which made them look like ducks). They’ve used this for a long time, sometimes supplanting yellow with white or using other colors altogether.

Oregon Ducks Colors

HEX COLOR: #154733;
RGB: (18, 71, 52)
CMYK: (87, 45, 78, 49)


RGB: (254, 225, 35)
CMYK: (2, 7, 95, 0)