Philadelphia Eagles is an American football team from Pennsylvania. Eagles are amongst the older NFL clubs. While the first generation appeared in the 1920s, this club was part of the second wave of professional football teams. Since then, they have steadily been one of the best teams on the East Coast.

Who owns Philadelphia Eagles? They are owned by Jeffrey Lurie. He’s an owner of Chestnut Hill Productions – a studio responsible for several unsuccessful movies.

History Logo

Philadelphia Eagles Logo history

The team appeared in 1933 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia is known as the place where the Founding Father signed the Declaration of Independence. As such, it was logical for one of the city’s teams to be named after the country’s national animal. However, they claim to draw it from the President Franklin Roosevelt’s insignia.

1933 – 1936

Philadelphia Eagles Logo 1933

The original logo displayed a bald eagle carrying a football in its claws. It was actually more of an engraving or a pencil drawing, which is emphasized by the varying tones of grey on the picture.

1936 – 1941

Philadelphia Eagles logo 1936

In 1936, they adopted the green as their primary color, which also meant the logo turned to green this time (although a bleached, paler shade). The eagle’s position also shifted: it actually few up rather than horizontally this time, while also keeping wings closer to the body.

1941 – 1948

Philadelphia Eagles Logo 1941

On the contrary, in 1941 they repositioned him as if flying down. They also changed the color palette to a brighter green, with just a few white inlays. The ball was also visibly reduced in size compared to the bird.

1948 – 1969

Philadelphia Eagles Logo 1948

By all accounts, they simply rotated the eagle into a more horizontal position in 1948, while also coloring his head, claws and the ball it holds into a more prominent white.

1969 – 1973

Philadelphia Eagles Logo 1969

By 1969, they also simplified the shapes into mostly soft square angles (for instance, the wings became simply the combinations of four rectangular feathers). The white was now only reversed for the head (except the eye), the right wing, claws and the ball – all of which were also simplified and streamlined.

1973 – 1987

Philadelphia Eagles Logo 1973

In the 70s, they opted for a strange decision of using as a logo the green helmet their players wore at the time, with a grey wing painted in its upper section. The other colors also included the white green-outlined face protection and a white dot on the helmet close to it.

1987 – 1996

Philadelphia Eagles Logo 1987

The 1987 logo was really just the 1948 design with some layout differences and visible coloring alterations. Notably, the white parts were now more prominent and occupied much of the picture’s edges, while the green served as the core element. The palette also included the orange claws and the brown ball.
In terms of positioning, much was the same, except some reshuffling for the extremities, and obviously the fact that the logo is now mirrored.

1996 – today

Philadelphia Eagles Logo

In 1996, they introduced their longest-surviving logo yet – the eagle’s head. They poured a lot of effort into it, resulting in a detailed picture of a determined-looking bird. Much of it was either grey (like the beak) or white (like the feathers), but there was also a slight green touch along the edges.

Helmet History

Philadelphia Eagles Helmet

Prior to 1955, most Eagles helmets were green with some grey (or white) along the top. After that, they actually used the design much like their 70s logo: a green surface with the wings on the sides. They used these ever since, although in different variations. Most were still green with white, though.

Uniform History

Philadelphia Eagles Uniform

Most of their uniforms since the beginning were either green jerseys with white pants or white jerseys with green pants. The exceptions include some black and yellow alternative variations, as well as occasional grey garb. The yellow (with blue sleeves) in particular is a uniform to which they return fairly often.

Philadelphia Eagles Colors

HEX: #004C54
RGB: (0, 76, 84)
CMYK: (100, 0, 30, 70)


RGB: (165, 172, 175)
CMYK: (5, 0, 0, 25)


RGB: (186, 202, 211)
CMYK: (10, 0, 0, 20)


HEX: #000000;
RGB: (0, 0, 0)
CMYK: (70, 50, 50, 100)


HEX: #565A5C;
RGB: (95, 96, 98)
CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 80)