A.S. Roma is a football club from Italy. They are the chief professional soccer team from Rome and one of the leaders of the UEFA ranking for Italy. They are one of the more successful teams in this country, although there are a lot of older and more successful Italian teams.

Who owns Roma? The club belongs to Dan Friedkin. He’s an American businessman and a movie director of some renown.

History Logo

Roma Logo history

The team was established in Rome in 1927. It came into being after several lesser clubs in the city united into one. The full name means ‘Associazione Sportiva Roma’, although they are more commonly known as just ‘Roma’. As such, they use a lot of traditional Roman symbols – most notably, the wolf.

1927 – 1930

Roma Logo 1927

The original logo is a shield featuring the city’s iconic Capitoline Wolf statue in black, as well as the lettering consisting or ‘A’, ‘R’ & ‘S’ right below it. Except for them, the rest of the logo is mostly white.

1930 – 1934

Roma Logo 1930

In 1930, they instead introduced a red circle with the yellow ring close to the edges. Inside the latter, they placed the three letters from the name, using the same color. They varied in proportion and were rounded and cut to fit the curvature of the ring around.

1934 – 1945

Roma Logo 1934

It’s the same logo as the one they used initially, except colored red and yellow after the city’s traditional colors.

1945 – 1949

Roma Logo 1945

For the 1945 logo, they simply removed the Wolf part above, made the shield wider and completely occupied the free space with the letters. They were orange, and the background was yellow and red.

1949 – 1950

Roma Logo 1949

Later, they decided to put these characters inside a red circle again. It was outlined in yellow, and they also gave the letters this color. Their positioning also changed marginally.

1950 – 1960

Roma Logo 1950

For this design, they borrowed a lot from the second logo from the 1930, except they wrote the team’s name as ‘A.S. Roma’ and not through the usual acronym.

1960 – 1970


Roma Logo 1960

They basically took the 1934 design almost as it were, except added a thick black frame and the word ‘Roma’ to the top.

1960 – 1970

Roma Logo 1960

They used this one almost simultaneously with the previous concept, except this one is a near-compete replica of the original design, except darker.

1970 – 1979

Roma Logo 1970

It’s pretty much the old shield emblem, except with a bronze frame, white letters and a slightly different design of the Wolf.

1979 – 1997

Roma Logo 1979

The 1979 logo was an attempt to make a more concise logo with all the same features. It was basically a black silhouette of a wolf’s head with red eyes, put inside a white circle. It was then outlined with a red and then a yellow ring.

1997 – 2000

Roma Logo 1997

The following design is almost identical to the original shield logo, although the colors are slightly more saturated.

2000 – 2013

Roma Logo 2000

In 2000, they added even more saturation while also attaching a thin black outline to the shield.

2013 – 2016

Roma Logo 2013

For the 2013 logo, they somewhat reshuffled the way Wolf was ‘colored’ and replaced the old letter mishmash with the word ‘Roma’ in a classic serif style, painted the same color as the background behind the Wolf. They also added the number ‘1927’ in the same style directly beneath this word.

2016 – today

Roma Logo

The 2016 change made the colors lighter, which resulted in the yellow becoming the new main color on the emblem.

Uniform History

Roma Uniform

Their uniforms have been primarily red since the beginning. They naturally had some orange or yellow additions through the years – most notably, in the sleeve area. Later, they also started adopting white colors for away games, although even they used red and yellow as complement colors.

Roma Colors

RGB: (240, 188, 66)
CMYK: (6, 26, 86, 0)


RGB: (134, 38, 51)
CMYK: (9, 100, 64, 48)


RGB: (202, 202, 204)
CMYK: (20, 16, 15, 0)


HEX COLOR: #000000;
RGB: (0, 0, 0)
CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 100)