49ers are one of the many American football clubs from California. As evident from the name, they originally came from San Francisco, although now their headquarters are closer to Silicon Valley. SF 49ers are considered one of the most successful and powerful teams in NFL roster.

Who owns San Francisco 49ers? The team is owned by the York family. It first went into their ownership in the 70s for $13 million.

History Logo

San Francisco 49ers Logo history

The team was created in 1946 in their hometown. They are called so because of the chief years of the Gold Rush (1848-1855), which in many ways defined California. As such, gold plays a notable role in the team’s branding. Interestingly, they also officially joined NFL in 1949.

1949 – 1967

San Francisco 49ers Logo 1949

The original logo was a cartoonish, bright depiction of a Californian prospector. It’s a man clad in a red shirt and red checkered pants. He’s tilted to the left, performing the iconic ‘prospector’s dance’ where they’d often lifted legs high up and shot into the ground. That’s exactly what this one is doing with his right hand.
It is, doubtless, a prospector because there is a flat hat they commonly wore back then, although it dropped from his head on the illustration. Much of the logo is red, black or white.

1968 – 1988

San Francisco 49ers Logo 1968

In the 60s, the team introduced a logo that stayed with them ever since, more or less. It as a red circle with a thick black frame around it and two white letters – F and S – in its middle. In many ways, they were just ordinary capital serif letters, except the former overlapped with the latter, and they had to color the overlapped areas red.

1989 – 1995

San Francisco 49ers Logo 1989

The 1989 redesign was just a minor change, in which they made the red on the logo paler.

1996 – 2008

San Francisco 49ers Logo 1996

In 1996, the emblem became noticeable wider – they made the black frame rather thicker on the sides, while also introducing an additional layer of gold on the inside of this black outline, identical in appearance but smaller.

2009 – today

San Francisco 49ers Logo

In 2009, they simply made the palette much brighter than before, which means, first and foremost, a more violent shade of red.

Helmet History

San Francisco 49ers Helmet

49er helmets have primarily been golden-colored through most of the history. The older ones were grayish with a red stripe across the center, and the later variants got brighter, eventually getting a realistic golden appearance (they obviously aren’t made from gold). The red stripe stayed, but they also started sporting club logos since 1968.

Uniform History

San Francisco 49ers Uniform

The 50s uniforms were primarily grey, and only the jumpers were either red or white with the stripes of the opposite color. By the 60s, the team started using golden-colored pants in conjunction with the golden helmets and the old jumpers. They also have a more recent, completely white style used on occasions.

San Francisco 49ers

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