San Francisco Giants is an American baseball team from California. They are simultaneously one of the oldest and most popular clubs in this sport. Formerly, they’ve been known as ‘New York Giants’ for the longest time. As for their performance, they are considered one of the top teams in the Western division.

Who owns San Francisco Giants? One Laurence Baer owns the team. He has been the chief executive since 1992.

History Logo

San Francisco Giants Logo history

The team was established in 1883 in New York as ‘New York Gothams’. Although it means they are rather old, they aren’t the oldest club at all – some of them date back even to the 1860s. A bit later, they were renamed to ‘New York Giants’ and kept the name moving to the West Coast in 1957.

1904 – 1907

San Francisco Giants Logo 1904

Initially, team simply used two blue-colored letters ‘N’ & ‘Y’ placed at some distance from each other. The font used is the usual ‘athletic’ serif style many used then and continue to use now.

1907 – 1916

San Francisco Giants Logo 1907

In 1907, they adopted the lettering very iconic to New York. Again, there were two letters ‘N’ & Y’, but they were placed one over the other and styled with a much softer, elegant serif. And they were completely black, too.

1918 – 1922

San Francisco Giants Logo 1918

Since 1918, they used largely the same logo, although there doesn’t seem to have been matches between 1916 – 1918 because of the war and Spanish Flu.

1922 – 1927

San Francisco Giants Logo 1922

This design was largely the same, but orange.

1927 – 1929

San Francisco Giants Logo 1927

Later, they returned to the fully black design again.

1929 – 1931

San Francisco Giants Logo 1929

Once more, they decided to try the orange one for a season.

1947 – 1954

San Francisco Giants Logo 1947

The team seemingly lacked any proper logo in the period between 1931 and 1947. After that, they returned to the old orange letter combination.

1954 – 1958

San Francisco Giants Logo 1954

In 1954, they finally decided to properly change the design by making the letters narrowed and taller, while also changing the font to a similar Gothic serif that resembles wrought iron.

1958 – 1977

San Francisco Giants Logo 1958

In 1958, they moved to San Francisco and decided to ditch their ‘N’ & ‘Y’ combination. Instead, they opted for the picture of a baseball (with orange stitches) and the word ‘Giants’ written across it in a peculiar cursive style.

1977 – 1982

San Francisco Giants Logo 1977

They removed all gradient from the previous ball design, while also changing it to mostly orange with black stitches. The writing stayed largely identical, but with a note of brown.

1982 – 1993

San Francisco Giants Logo 1982

By the 80s, they opted for a bigger, black-and-white ball with the club name written horizontally across it in deep, bold letters. The colors were mostly brown with a slight orange outline.

1993 – 1999

San Francisco Giants Logo 1993

The design largely stayed the same, except the letters became all capital and bigger.

1999 – today

San Francisco Giants Logo

They finally got rid of the volume and depth for the 1999 variant, making the letters 2D once more. They didn’t remove the curve, though. And the coloring changed even more: black letters with orange outline and a white ball with orange lines.

Helmet History

San Francisco Giants Helmet

Their helmets were either black with orange emblems or orange with black emblems since forever. That is, the caps are more versatile: there are many different variations of them, although it mostly includes various combinations of orange, white and black for specific parts of the headwear.

Uniform History

San Francisco Giants Uniform

Like the helmets, the main uniforms were largely the same for a long time: completely white with minor orange details. The alts and away colors are a different story. They’ve used black and orange jerseys quite a lot, and the additional colors varied from black to white. Moreover, there are also frequently fully grey uniforms.

San Francisco Giants Colors

RGB: (253, 90, 30)
CMYK: (00, 65, 83, 00)


HEX COLOR: #27251F;
RGB: (39, 37, 31)
CMYK: (00, 00, 00, 100)


RGB: (239, 209, 159)
CMYK: (4, 10, 18, 5)


RGB: (174, 143, 111)
CMYK: (11, 30, 55, 15)