Swedish Hockey League, founded on October 5, 1975. It is the strongest ice hockey league in Sweden, made up of teams with professional players, initially there were ten.
It got its previous name “Elitserien” at the beginning of its activity. Each of the 10 teams then played with each other 4 times: 2 away, 2 at home, a total of 36 games.
In the summer season of 2013, it was renamed the SHL league, this was done to increase awareness at world tournaments.

Meaning and history


Swedish Hockey League Logo history

Since the establishment of the Swedish Hockey League in 1975, Färjestad BK is considered the most successful team, with 9 Swedish titles. Brynäs IF and Djurgårdens IF are in 2nd place and have become 6-time champions.
If you keep records from 1922 (then the first championships in Sweden were played), more often than the others (16 times), Djurgarden IF from Stockholm became the champion. Behind her is Brynäs IF, the team has 13 wins, and then Färjestad BK and IK Göta – 9 each.
As of 2021, there are 16 teams in the SHL.

1975 – 2013

Swedish Hockey League Logo 1975

The former SHL logo was used until 2013. At that time, the league was called “Elitserien”. This name was reflected in the visual identity with the latter. In the logo, the word “Elitserien” is sans serif in a geometric font.

2013 – 2021

Swedish Hockey League Logo

On June 17, 2013, the Elitserien league was renamed Svenska hockeyligan – this is its name in Swedish. The change is due to the fact that the name can be converted to international format. In addition, it is easier to use a common abbreviation in 2 languages, including English. SHL strives to become the best brand for a better investment. The league logo has not changed since 2013.

Color and font

The graphics of the former logo are drawn in a square shape. A small black washer with a dark blue bottom is visible just above the middle of the mark.
The new logo is completely white, but is made on a completely black background. The letters of the logo, despite the unusual but clear geometric format, are perfectly legible. Due to the fact that they seem to be cut from the sides, the logo is unique. It seems that static letters are constantly in motion.