Tottenham Hotspur is one of the major English football clubs. Created in the North of London, in the Tottenham area, they have been one of the pioneers of the professional football in Britain. Like many premier clubs, the team was established in the late 19th century by everyday people.

Who owns Tottenham Hotspur? The club is owned by the ENIC Group Company. In turn, much of it belongs to Daniel Levy.

History Logo

Tottenham Hotspur Logo history

The club was formed in 1882 in Tottenham, Northern London. Initially, they were just called Hotspur, as it was a popular name for the various sports clubs in London. 2 years later, they added ‘Tottenham’ to the name precisely for that reason. Because of the name, a rooster has long been the team’s mascot.

1921 – 1951

Tottenham Hotspur logo 1921

The first ever logo was introduced in 1921 and it simply displayed a blue silhouette of a rooster set in the middle of shield: white inside and with a blue outline.

1951 – 1960

Tottenham Hotspur logo 1951

By 1951, they replaced the rooster with a much taller and slimmer counterpart. They added white inlays into the shape and also specifically highlighted the spurs on the bird’s legs. Other than that, the logo was mostly the same.

1960 – 1971

Tottenham Hotspur logo 1960

For this variant, they picked a darker blue and opted to make the rooster’s silhouette simpler – that’s the way it was used ever since. Moreover, the shield was made slightly narrower and taller, but that’s it.

1972 – 1981

Tottenham Hotspur logo 1972

The 1972 logo uses the same image of a rooster, yet there was now a thick bicolor ring of yellow and blue around him. The upper yellow part included the club name, and the blue lower part spelt the letter ‘F’ & ‘C’. Between them and right below the rooster was a blue ball. The blank space inside the ring also was styled as one.

1973 – 1981

Tottenham Hotspur logo 1973

In 1967, they took their new tall rooster and put him atop a ball. The ball is disproportionally much bigger than the bird, although it’s drawn with a similar style – mostly blue with white lines all over it. Notably, the rooster also cocked its head a bit higher than before.

1983 – 1984

Tottenham Hotspur logo 1983

The 1997 design uses many details from the previous attempts. It’s a dark blue shield with a thick brown frame. It’s divided into two sections.
The upper one hold a symbolic bronze tower, a rooster colored mostly in bronze and an array of trees. Right below the bird and in the middle on a green barrier, they put a brown football. The lower section has a white yellow-framed shield in the middle. It holds a multitude of letters – The ‘T’, ‘H’, ‘F’ and ‘C’ are clearly visible. The shield is supported by two red lions.
There’s also a similar ribbon right below the main shield that says ‘to dare is to do’ in Latin.

1985 – 1986

Tottenham Hotspur logo 1985

In most things, it was the same logo, except bleached to a paler shade of blue.

1987 – 1988

Tottenham Hotspur logo 1987

In 1987, they bleached the background even further, almost to white.

1988 – 1989

Tottenham Hotspur logo 1988

They bleached the logo in general even further, while also altering the colors a bit.

1989 – 1995

Tottenham Hotspur logo 1989

The new design features the same rooster, but with a lot more yellow details on it. Below, there is a blue with a multitude of elegantly-written letters overlapping one another, just like before. The circle is supposed by two red lions and had a yellow ribbon saying the same Latin motto as before.

1995 – 1997

Tottenham Hotspur logo 1995

For the 1995 one, they only took the bird and the circle it was standing all, erasing all the yellow in favor of white. The images were then put inside a thicker blue shield.

1997 – 1999

Tottenham Hotspur logo 1997

It’s the same sort of shield logo they used throughout the 80s, except much of this one is dark blue. The midline, tower, ball and shield frames are yellow. The rooster, for its part, is mostly white this time.

1999 – 2006

Tottenham Hotspur logo 1999

The 1999 logo is mostly identical to the one from 1983, except the rooster is mostly white and not yellow.

2006 – 2013

Tottenham Hotspur logo 2006

The 2007 design is inspired by the older one where the bird stands on the ball. Here, however, they gave him a white head, simplified a lot of features and redesigned the ball slightly. Furthermore, there’s now the club name curved along the bottom edge of the ball.

2013 – today

Tottenham Hotspur Logo

This logo is the same as the one prior, except it’s a bit narrower and lacks a dark outline the previous one had all over it.

Uniform History

Tottenham Hotspur Uniform

The preferred colors of the Spurs are white and dark blue. For the long time, they wore the white jerseys and blue shorts, with some minor blue details on the former. The away colors, as always, changed much more often. The most popular ones were yellow, grey, blue and black (although it’s far from all).

Tottenham Hotspur Colors

HEX COLOR: #132257;
RGB: (19, 34, 87)
CMYK: (100, 92, 32, 35)