Vancouver Canucks is a Canadian hockey team that competes in NHL alongside Americans. It’s actually one of the older professional teams in the League, being originally established in 1945. In their current form, they are one of the most powerful teams in NHL roster.

Who owns Vancouver Canucks? The team is owned by the Canucks Sports & Entertainment Company. Its ruling manager is called Jim Benning.

History Logo

Vancouver Canucks Logo history

The team was originally created in 1945 as an independent Vancouver team. 25 years later, they joined NHL under the same name – ‘Vancouver Canucks’. Canuck is a somewhat derogatory word for a Canadian, so the name basically means ‘Vancouver Canadians’.

1970 – 1978

Vancouver Canucks Logo 1970

The logo they adopted after being admitted into NHL is a rounded blue rectangle with a white outline and another, thicker green one. These colors are traditional for the city. Lastly, the entire thing is pierced in the middle by a white silhouette of a hockey stick (horizontally through the right side).

1978 – 1992

Vancouver Canucks Logo 1978

This next logo seems like a pile of everything – a black circle with a red outline, with a lot of yellow and red lines on it. These lines represent hockey skates with a big yellow blade beneath. This yellow is transformed into the club name, with the first letter merged with the blade’s tip.

1992 – 1997

Vancouver Canucks Logo 1992

In 1992, they basically made the yellow paler and all the other colors brighter, and that’s it.

1997 – 2007

Vancouver Canucks Logo 1997

By 1997, they started using a shark as centerpiece of their logo. It’s black with some white details and an aggressive toothy snarl. It looks like it leaps from a single strip of ice, which is bent to the right to resemble a skate blade. All of the logo is outlined somewhat in red.

2007 – 2019

Vancouver Canucks Logo 2007

In 2007, they got rid of the red outline and opted rather for a grey one. Moreover, the logo now sported a blue word ‘Vancouver’, written in all capital letters and slightly curved upwards.

2019 – today

Vancouver Canucks Logo

Since 2019 they simply ditched the writing and use the rest.

Helmet History

Vancouver Canucks Helmet

The team has primarily used the combinations of green, blue and white for their helmets since forever. The only hiccup was in the 78-97 when their primary colors were instead orange, red, black and white. After that, they returned to the traditional mixes, which they shuffle regularly.

Uniform History

Vancouver Canucks Uniform

Their uniforms were much like their helmets. In the earlier days, they used Vancouver colors of red, blue and white. Then, they started favoring red, orange and black (the much-favored pattern featured a poncho-like triangle with multiple layers). After that, they returned to using the initial trio.

Vancouver Canucks Colors

HEX COLOR: #00205B;
RGB: (0 32 91)
CMYK: (100 85 5 36)


HEX COLOR: #00843D;
RGB: (10,134,61)
CMYK: (96,02,100,12)


RGB: (4 28 44)
CMYK: (100 73 28 86)


RGB: (153,153,154)
CMYK: (00,00,00,47)


RGB: (255,255,255)
HSB: (42,0,100)
CMYK: (0,0,0,0)