WNBL is the Women’s National Basketball League in Australia. It’s one of the largest women’s sports leagues in the country. Its matches are being played in partly the similar format as in the NBL: teams play 24 times at home and abroad. The winners in the regular season go to the Finals, where they compete to gain the champion title and cup.

Who owns WNBL? Paul Maley is a current president of the League. That, however, doesn’t mean he owns it – that honor belongs to many stake different holders.

History Logo

The general reason why the managers of six teams-founders decided to form the league is to make the counterpart to the men’s National Basketball League. It happened in 1981. Initially, WNBL didn’t have any brand identity, but with the time, the league became famous and got some influence in Australian sport, and it had to make the logo.

2008 – today



For unclear reasons, the designers didn’t make the original logo. They just took the NBL logo of that time, which consisted of the basket-ball and abbreviation, both made in the burning style and placed on the full blue background. The only change was changing the ‘NBL’ inscription to ‘WNBL’.