Florida State University is one of the oldest and prestigious educational institutes in the United States, located in Tallahassee. It composes the main part of the Florida State University System and is one of the largest educational complexes in the nation, holding many science facilities such as museums and laboratories in Florida.

Who owns Florida State University? The University is subsidized by the government. However, it’s also funded by private individuals.

History Logo

The university appeared in 1851. Here’s how it was: after the boys school in Tallahassee was heightened up to seminary, it became to grow. Soon after, the then-mayor of the state proposed to give the land for the seminary and advance it into a huge university to represent the educational system of the state. This function is still the main one of the FSU.

1851 – today

Florida State University Logo

The university’s identity has an unclear history. Though the seal was being used on all the official documents, on the university building etc., there is no sharp information when the seal appeared, so for ease of writing we will point the foundation year as the year of this seal appearing.
It features three torches and the paper line with university motto ‘Vires, Artes, Mores’ written over it. All this was placed in the circular frame having the inscription ‘Florida State University’ over it and the year of the university’s foundation. The seal is made in the golden and beige palette with the metal style.
There is also another version of the seal, designed generally for social media. It has the same depiction, but the colors differ from the classic seal: the inner part of the emblem has the dark red background, golden-colored torches and the white paper line with the motto. The frame has the strict black-and-white style with inscription of the classic serif font.