New York Islanders is an American hockey team. They compete in the National Hockey League as the part of the Metropolitan Division in the Eastern Conference. Islanders won the Stanley Cup four times. The team is primarily based in the Elmont district of the New York City.

Who owns New York Islanders? The team is owned by New York Hockey Holdings. John Ledecky is a major figure in this hierarchy.

History Logo

New York Islanders Logo history

The club’s story begins in the year 1972. It was in the list of newly formed teams of the expansion of the National Hockey League, along with several other teams. The club’s name and brand identity refers to the place where it was founded and stays today – the Long Island.

1972 – 1995

New York Islanders Logo 1972

The initial brand emblem had the blue and white shades. It showed the stylized image of The Long Island in the center of the logo. Over it, we can see the white hockey club and the shorting ‘NY’. The team name was placed below in the circle, and it had the orange sans-serif typeface.

1995 – 1997

New York Islanders Logo 1995

The next logotype was rather the experimental one. It represented the angry hockey player in the blue coat, who held the club in his hands. Near him, there was the team name of the strong angular font. Also, we can mention some little details, such as the hockey gates on the background and the wavy lines below.

1997 – 2010

New York Islanders Logo 1997

The 1997 logo features the original circle, but this time it had the black-and-blue shades and the contour.

2010 – 2017

New York Islanders Logo 2010

Another logotype was something middle between the very first variant and the 1997 version. It still had the orange outline, but the blue color was returned instead of the black one.

2017 – today

New York Islanders Logo

The 2017 brand mark has the similar elements to the previous logos, but it is a bit enlarged and the contour is now inside the blue circle.

Helmet History

New York Islanders Helmet

The original helmet design was primarily blue (or white for the blue variations of the uniform, which were usually away colors). In 1998, the team insignia was printed on the side of the helmet. The latest designs have the glass board along with the already mentioned features.

Uniform History

New York Islanders Uniform

Originally, the uniform was white or blue with occasional strips of the opposite color and the brand mark in the center. Throughout the time, we can see the trend to enlarge the uniform and make its colors darker. The modern editions of the uniform are black, white or blue jerseys and pants with the multicolored strips on them.

New York Islanders Colors

HEX COLOR: #00539B;
RGB: (0,83,155)
CMYK: (99,75,8,1)


RGB: (244, 125, 48)
CMYK: (0,63, 93, 0)