New York Mets is one of the several NY baseball clubs, and this one represents Queens. It’s also one of the relatively new clubs to join MLB – it was part of the wave that of clubs that were admitted into the League in 1969. Mets are regarded as one of the best teams in the East.

Who owns New York Mets? Steven Cohen bought the team back in 2020. Currently, he holds all but 5% of the team’s shares.

History Logo

New York Mets Logo history

The club was created in 1962 in Queens, a New York borough. It was created specifically because New York was short of several clubs that move from the city. The name was chosen simply because it’s short and easy to remember. Although, it’s also believed that it’s an abbreviation from ‘Metropolitan’.

1962 – today

New York Mets Logo 1962

The original emblem is actually a rather recognizable athletic sign of New York – the ‘N’ & ‘Y’ fused together into one symbol. Here, they are given a violent orange color and a slightly different Gothic look – they basically resemble wrought iron now.

1962 – 1998

New York Mets Logo 1962

This it the other logo they used alongside the previous one until 1998. It basically features the blue silhouette of the city put inside an orange baseball, packed with several stitches that go over the silhouette.
The other elements include a section of the Queensboro Bridge colored in white, the orange word ‘Mets’ colored in orange and outlined in white (placed in the middle) and a small ‘N’ & ‘Y’ emblem directly to its left.

1998 – today

New York Mets Logo

In the 1998 redesign, they made the bridge silhouette thicker, removed the ‘N’ & ‘Y’ emblem and made the orange parts noticeably paler.

Uniform History

New York Mets Uniform

The Mets uniforms were always either grey (away) or striped white (home) as a rule. The boots, belts and caps were blue, as were also the numbers and chest inscriptions (both also outlined in orange). However, the alternatives always had blue jerseys and light orange (with some white) inscriptions.

New York Mets Colors

HEX COLOR: #002D72;
RGB: (0, 45, 114)
CMYK: (100, 65, 00, 30)


RGB: (252, 89, 16)
CMYK: (00, 65, 87, 00)