Real Madrid is one of the chief football clubs in Spain. It’s considered one of the best in their homeland, as well as one of the most successful in Europe. It’s more widely known, however, as the club where Ronaldo and Beckham played for several years, helping Spaniards earn a lot of trophies in the process.

Who owns Real Madrid? The team’s owner is currently Florentino Perez. He’s a former politician turned businessman.

History Logo

Real Madrid Logo history

Real Madrid is one of the Spain’s first proper football clubs. It was established in 1902 simply as Madrid Football Club, although after a series of victories they were granted the Royal (‘Real’) title by the king in 1920. Since then, the team used a lot of monarchical symbols in their branding.

1902 – 1908

Real Madrid logo 1902

The initial logo featured the three first letters from the club’s full name – ‘Madrid Football Club’. They are positioned to overlap one another, with the ‘F’ being barely visible behind the ‘M’, which in turn is encircled by the ‘C’. All three use an elegant cursive style, as well as a dark blue color.

1908 – 1920

Real Madrid logo 1908

That’s the same general idea: the three letters are arranged in the middle, while overlapping one another. This time, the ‘F’ is in the very middle, followed by a bigger ‘C’ around it, which is in turn followed by a strangely rounded ‘M’. As a result, they all are perfectly visible.
The letters are still blue, although the font changed to a simpler, thinner style, and the designers also added a ring around the characters.

1920 – 1931

Real Madrid logo 1920

In 1920, the club was granted the Royal title, which prompted them to add a rather realistic drawing of the Spanish crown right above the circle. The letters, for their part, stayed mostly the same, except they are now thinner, bigger and not entirely where they were before.

1931 – 1941

Real Madrid logo 1931

In 1931, the monarchy was abolished and the club subsequently got rid of the crown in their logo. The rest of the logo looked mostly like it did in 1908, but with an additional diagonal stripe behind the lettering, colored in pale blue.

1941 – 1997

Real Madrid logo 1941

In 1941, the Kingdom of Spain was restored under Franco, and the crown was returned to the logo. This time, it was colored in red and gold, like the real thing. To match the style, the designers also turned all the blue parts into gold, while at the same time making them thicker and giving them a black outline.
The pale ribbon behind, however, was painted purple on account of its being a royal color.

1997 – 2001

Real Madrid logo 1997

They slightly bleached the colors and made them more saturated in 1997. The crown’s shape changed a bit, and the purple striped turned to dark blue.

2001 – today

Real Madrid Logo

In 2001, they bleached the palette a bit more, while also widening the ‘M’ so that it almost touches the sides of the golden frame.

Uniform History


Real Madrid Uniform

The team’s home colors were almost completely white throughout the history. They did add occasional blue details to the uniform, which mostly affected the sleeves or socks. The away colors are also quite interesting: they apparently used blue or purple, switching them once every ~5 years.
Since 2001, however, the away uniforms mostly became black, with just occasional purple of blue variants here and there.

Real Madrid Colors

RGB: (254, 190, 16)
HSB: (43, 93, 99)
CMYK: (0, 27, 99, 0)


HEX COLOR: #00529F;
RGB: (0, 82, 159)
HSB: (208, 100, 62)
CMYK: (99, 76, 5, 0)


RGB: (238, 50, 78)
HSB: (350, 78, 93)
CMYK: (0, 94, 65, 0)