Sun Devils are the group of 26 sports teams from the US that plays for the Arizona State University’s athletic division. They play football, basketball, baseball and others at the National Collegiate Athletic Association as the part of Pac – 12 conference. The university won awards in almost all sport disciplines, in which its teams play.

Who owns Arizona State Sun Devils? The organization is owned by the Arizona State University. It’s not really an entity in any way.

History Logo

Arizona State Sun Devils Logo history

The idea to create a sports division of the university appeared in the end of 19th century. That time, the coaches from Arizona were asked to teach the university students how to play football. Time passed, and other teams were formed. From the start, the teams were called Sun Devils. When this name was suggested to the students, they overwhelmingly approved it.

1980 – 2011

Arizona State Sun Devils Logo 1980

The very first logotype appeared with expansion of the Sun Devils across America. It featured the teams’ red-skinned mascot – Sparky The Devil. He had the red skin with double outline of yellow and white colors, and handed the yellow trident. His face was colored yellow, and he had the evil smile.

2011 – today

Arizona State Sun Devils Logo

The 2011 logotype features the fragment of the trident. It had the yellow color and the bold red contour.

Uniform History

Arizona State Sun Devils Uniform

The Sun Devils Football team’s uniforms originally had the red-and-yellow style. With the time, the color changed. It gained the black, red and white colors. The recent uniforms, depending on purposes, have the fully black, red-and-white or red and yellow color. Also, they have the player number on the chest.

Helmet History

Arizona State Sun Devils Helmet

The football helmet had some changes in its history, too. At first, it had the yellow style with the logo on the side. With the time, the team designers changed the color to black or white. The latest helmets are colored yellow or white, which depends on where the team plays, at home or abroad. Also, there is the logo and player number on the side.

Arizona State Sun Devils Colors

RGB: (140, 29, 64)
CMYK: (10, 97, 37, 43)


RGB: (255, 198, 39)
CMYK: (0, 21, 88, 0)