Green Bay Packers is an American football team from Wisconsin. It’s one of the oldest professional football teams in this country, predating even the formation of NFL. In the NFL, however, they are considered one of the strongest clubs, and are frequently featured on the top – 10 power rankings.

Who owns Green Bay Packers? The team is operated by Green Bay Packers Inc. There’s no top owner, and it instead belongs to the thousands of smaller investors.

History Logo

Green Bay Packers Logo history

The team was launched in 1919 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. As such, it predates National Football League by one year. The current name has proudly been with them since the very beginning, and alludes to their initial sponsor, the Indian Packing Company. It’s through the funds of this meat-packing business that they were able to play.

1921 – 1936

Green Bay Packers Logo 1921

The 1921 logo was more of an advertising brochure. It’s a rectangle with green edges and rounded corners, with several inscriptions inside. These included the big green ‘AP’, the location ‘Green Bay, WI’, the ‘1921 football’ in orange, the motto in the very top and a yellow name ‘Acme Packers’, which belonged to the sponsor.

1936 – 1955

Green Bay Packers Logo 1936

This one is simpler: it’s just two first letters from ‘Green’ & ‘Bay, colored in dark green (obviously) and written with a blocky serif font. They were put in the same space, except the former is much wider and squatter, and the latter is rather ordinary in proportion.

1951 – 1955

Green Bay Packers Logo 1951

There was an alternative logo used in parallel for a few years. It featured an orange football with some white details, several orange ‘sprinkles’ on its both sides, as well as the word ‘Packers’ right in front of it. This last one utilizes a bloated, blocky style and a similar dark green look.

1955 – 1961

Green Bay Packers Logo 1955

This one is something interesting at once: a sand-colored football with the green map of Wisconsin on it. The map itself shows where the city of Green Bay is with a white circle. But more prominently, there is also a picture of a football player posed to throw the ball he holds in his hand. He’s also mostly sand-colored, with some nuances highlighted with the same type of green the map behind uses.

1961 – 1979

Green Bay Packers Logo 1961

In 1961, they introduced their longest-lived emblem yet – a wide capital ‘G’ colored in white and put inside a green circle of largely the same proportion, and just marginally bigger.

1979 – today

Green Bay Packers Logo

A while later, the designers simply added a banana-colored frame along the edges of the initial green circle.

Helmet History

Green Bay Packers Helmet

The team’s helmets were primarily yellow throughout the years. Since the 60s in particular, the designs changed little: just bright yellow surfaces with green and white central stripes (in addition to the emblems on the side, naturally). Before then, the helmets used similar palettes. The alts were reversed: mostly green with some yellow.

Uniform History

Green Bay Packers Uniform

For a long time, the Packers’ uniforms used three chief colors: green and white for the jerseys, and yellow for the pants. These combinations alternated for the home and away combinations, although there were also alternatives that featured all green or all yellow uniforms at times.

Green Bay Packers Colors

HEX COLOR: #203731;
RGB: (24, 48, 40)
CMYK: (79, 34, 62, 84)


RGB: (255, 184, 28)
CMYK: (0, 31, 98, 0)