New York Giants is an American football team from New York City. They are known as the oldest-surviving professional team in the NFL, as well as one of the founding members of this League. Nowadays, they are one of the moderately successful teams with one of the weaker rosters.

Who owns New York Giants? The team is currently co-owned by John Mara and Steve Tisch. Of them, Tisch has a bigger stake.

History Logo

New York Giants Logo history

The team was created in 1925 and was originally called ‘New York NFL Company’, which was soon changed to ‘New York Giants’ after the city’s iconic baseball team with the same name. The latter has long since moved to San Francisco, and the former became the only ‘Giants’ club in the city.

1945 – 1950

New York Giants Logo 1945

Originally, the logo featured an oval plaque colored brown (to style it as a football). Along the edges, the designers added the name at the time – ‘New York Football Company – in black sans-serif letters. The other contents also included a player clad in red and white with a football in hand, posed to throw, as well as the city view in the bottom.

1950 – 1956

New York Giants Logo 1950

Since 1950, they used largely the same idea, but slightly revised. The oval became a red circle, the player was now clad in blue and white, and the ball also turned to blue. The skyscrapers were now white and much more prominent, although with a visible dark shade below. Over this shade, they wrote the year ‘1950’ in white.

1956 – 1961

New York Giants Logo 1956

The player stayed for the 1956 edition, and this time he was also colored blue and white, although with the bigger preference for blue. He was also cut at chest-level this time around. The rest of the logo was occupied by a big white depiction of Yankee Stadium, which was used by them at the time.

1961 – 1975

New York Giants Logo 1961

In 1961, the team decided to have a simpler logo for once. It was just the two serif letters ‘N’ & ‘Y’ written in lowercase and colored blue. Here, the lower line of the latter character stretched far left an acted as an underline for the former, creating a square-proportioned emblem.

1975 – 1976

New York Giants Logo 1975

The 1975 logo used the same idea, but for the more linear, uppercase letters. They were also drawn differently: more like white lines framed in blue on both sides. The layout generally stayed as it was, though.

1976 – 2000

New York Giants Logo 1976

In 1976, they decided to instead write ‘Giants’ in tilted capital letters, colored blue. They were rather tall and highlighted by a single stripe beneath. Both parts were also somewhat outlined in red, featuring the typical team colors at the time.

2000 – today

New York Giants Logo

This emblem is basically the old 1961 logo, except outlined in red just like the one before.

Helmet History


New York Giants Helmet

Generally, the home helmets have always been dark blue. Since the 40s, they also started being adorned with red stripes through the middle, and these were them joined by the layers of white on each side. Apart from the every-changing emblems (all of which were white on the helmets), little else changed.

Uniform History

New York Giants Uniform

The uniforms were originally red & yellow in the olden days. However, after some time they’ve established the palette of red, blue and white as their primary color combination. They basically alternated blue and white between jerseys and pants season by season while also using white with some red as away colors.

New York Giants Colors

CMYK: (100, 75, 0, 30)
RGB: (1, 35, 82)
HEX: #0B2265;


CMYK: (20, 100, 80, 0)
RGB: (163, 13, 45)
HEX: #A71930;


CMYK: (5, 0, 0, 30)
RGB: (155, 161, 162)