Rangers are a football team from Scotland, Glasgow. It’s one of the founders of the whole Scottish professional football. Though they’re playing generally in their domestic Premier League, Rangers are one of the most successful soccer teams in the world too, having most of top-tier European and British trophies.

Who owns Rangers FC? The club is owned by a Scottish entrepreneur Craig Whyte. However, there are also lots of junior partners.

History Logo

Rangers FC Logo history

The team appeared in the year 1872. That time it was a local club in Glasgow, founded on the wave of the rise of football popularity in Scotland. A few years passed, and the team started to win the serious playoffs, so it needed to get a name. The ‘Rangers’ word came from the name ‘Swindon Rangers’, one of the popular rugby clubs of that time.

1959 – 1968

Rangers FC Logo 1959

As the team began to play international matches, it needed to create its brand identity. The very first corporate logotype of the club reflected the golden lion emblem, featured on the blue stand with the golden outline and soccer ball on it. Below the lion, there was the motto ‘Ready’. All of this was placed inside the red circle with the team name written on it.
Why did they draw the lion? Well, throughout the Scottish history, the lion was always an important part in the Scottish military structures’ distinctive symbols and the royal family heraldry. To be associative with the country, Rangers decided to use the lion as the main part of the logo.

1968 – 1991

Rangers FC Logo 1968

The 1968 logotype featured the red lion over the blue soccer ball. The slogan ‘Ready’ was placed below the ball. As it was in the previous logotypes, the lion was inside the circle, which now had the white color and some black lines, so you could identify it on the white background.

1991 – 2020

Rangers FC Logo 1991

The following logotype depicted generally the same image, but that time the contours of the circle became dark blue, as well as the soccer ball. The lion became a bit more detailed and gained the brighter red palette.

2020 – today

Rangers FC Logo

The 2020 logo has the familiar circle, but the ball is not bordered from the whole logotype. The colors became brighter as well. The inscription’s position is also changed: the team name is placed above, and the explanation ‘Football Club’ positioned below.

Uniform History

Rangers FC Uniform

The original team’s dress-code had the blue shirt, white pants and blue-and-white striped socks. With the time, the team uniform designers changed the pattern and the color of the socks from white to black, blue, red and then to black again. Since 1968, the team uniform also has the R F C monogram, made especially for matches.