Sheffield Shield is a championship of cricket in Australia. It attracts the teams from the whole country, which compete every year to get the title of the winner and the championship’s trophy. The competition is now operated by Cricket Australia, the largest cricket organization in the country.

Who owns Sheffield Shield? Like many similar leagues, Sheffield is managed by Cricket Australia. It’s a private company with links to the government.

History Logo

Sheffield Shield Logo history

The championship was established quite a long time ago — in 1892. It was named after Lord Sheffield, who sponsored the whole affair. At that time the Shield was meant to be the competition among the teams from New South Wales, South Australia and Victoria states. Later on, the other states dived into this championship.
There are not many records about the logotypes used by the championship from the moment of foundation. Probably, there were some, but they didn’t stay in history.

1999 – 2000

Sheffield Shield Logo 1999

The very first logotype we can start our write-out from appeared with the renaming of the championship to Pura Milk Cup (Pura is the brand of food in Australia). That logo has shown a cricket player and the name on the blue line below. All elements of the logo were made in the milk-white and blue palette.

2000 – 2008

Sheffield Shield Logo 2000

The following logo featured the brand’s changed name – Pura Cup. In general, the logo had similar elements to the ones that the previous version had. However, there were some changes: except for another inscription, we can mention the gradient blue shield on the background and a bit darker shades of the whole image.

2008 – 2011

Sheffield Shield Logo 2008

The 2008 edition of the logo represented the competition’s initial name, written on the green line, and the Weet-Bix sponsor name below. Upper in the whole image, we can see the red-and-silver emblem. The familiar shield from the previous logo wasn’t removed. It was a background for this logo too, though it had green color and the golden framing.

2011 – 2012

Sheffield Shield Logo 2011

The next Shield’s symbol had in general the same features as the previous one, though there were some changes such as renovated upper part, which shown the logo of the new sponsor, Bupa. Respectively, the red-and-silver emblem was put below in the logo.

2012 – 2020

Sheffield Shield Logo 2012

Episodically in its history, the championship was on its own and didn’t have major donators, so its logo at that time also didn’t have the sponsor as well.

2017 – 2019

Sheffield Shield Logo 2017

The 2017 sponsor of the championship was an insurance company called Jardine Lloyd Thompson, and the 2017 Shield logo featured this company’s name. It stood in the upper part of the logo, and was bordered by the familiar green line with the Sheffield Shield inscription. Below in the logo, we can see the championship’s small red & silver emblem.

2020 – today

Sheffield Shield Logo

The following logotype featured the name of one more episodical sponsor of the Shield — Marsh. Its logo was positioned in the upper part. Also, the whole logotype became a bit darker and smaller.