Texas Longhorns is an athletic organization under the University of Texas at Austin. All the sports teams that compete in the intercollegiate games on behalf of the University are called Longhorns (‘Horns’, for short), and that includes a lot of sports. Their most beloved by far is American football.

Who owns Texas Longhorns? The team belongs to the University of Texas at Austin. It’s not a company, and no other entity can lay claim to it.

History Logo

Texas Longhorns Logo history

At least the football team dates back to the later 19th century, although they weren’t called Longhorns back then. This name came into use by the start of the new century, and it wasn’t made official until a bit later. The name is referencing the longhorn cattle, extremely iconic for the classic Texan image.

1961 – today

Texas Longhorns logo 1961

That’s the main logo, and it stayed in use ever since its creation in the 60s. It’s basically an orange silhouette of a longhorn cow. The color choice is derived from the color of the Texas’ canyons and deserts.

1966 – 1977

Texas Longhorns logo 1966

In 1966, they adopted a secondary image, which depicted the head of their mascot – a longhorn cow with a small sailor’s cap on the head (these were very popular on mascots back in the day). The cow was also styled as one of the older Disney characters. It was yelling and looked rather aggressive.
The colors used were mainly orange for all the lines and shades, and white for the rest.

1977 – today

Texas Longhorns logo 1977

In 1977, they rearranged the previous logo a bit. The cow now looked dead into the onlooker and no longer yelled. The orange parts were thicker and more pronounced, and they also replaced the sailor’s cap with a prospector’s hat – featuring a big ‘M’ in the middle.

2000 – today

Texas Longhorns Logo

In 2000, they introduced another secondary emblem. It was pretty much the original logo, except detailed and colored black-and-white in the style of an engraving. Apart from that, they also added the word ‘Texas’ in big orange letters right behind it.

Helmet History

Texas Longhorns Helmet

The helmets of their football team have been white for a long time. They only used orange for details such as emblems and numbers. There was only a select few alternative designs featuring other colors, including black helmets and, much older, orange ones.

Uniform History

Texas Longhorns Uniform

The Longhorns football team actually used only two color combinations for their uniforms. It’s either orange jerseys with white pants or white uniforms altogether. The former seems to be more popular, while the other one is usually worn for away matches or selected as home uniforms irregularly.

Texas Longhorns colors

RGB: (191, 87, 0)
CMYK: (0, 65, 100, 9)


HEX COLOR: #333F48;
RGB: (51, 63, 72)
CMYK: (65, 43, 26, 78)


RGB: (255, 255, 255)
CMYK: (0, 0, 0, 0)